An animal associated with the supernatural

Today dear friends of Qoheleth des Femmes, Leve fanm yo, we greet you in the name IHVH-Adonai Elohîms and take this opportunity to present to you a new subject whose title is:

"In the beginning, an animal is associated with the supernatural".

In Genesis 3.1, it is quite fascinating to learn that a serpent speaks, initiates a dialogue from being to being, communicates with a human being. This serpent was also a creature of God. He lived among humans in the Garden of Eden but he seems to "belong to a universe higher than the earthly world". He is able to use the language of men to converse with humans. This fact is not the result of the laws of nature. It doesn't make sense to us. This is not rational since an animal is not gifted with language. What is still astonishing, the human being shows no anxiety, no fear. The snake and the woman are chatting like two friends. one includes the other and vice versa.

The serpent's intervention in the affairs of the Adam / Eve couple can be considered as fruitfulness. This causes a change in the life of the couple that we have seen before. It has major consequences on the couple's fertility. The couple discovered that they have the capacity to produce and reproduce by working in sexual difference. Each of them has intellectual and technical faculties to create and invent. "They sew fig leaves and make themselves sashes" [Ge3.7b].

Later, the snake appears as the symbol of life. "Whosoever shall be bitten, and gaze upon him, shall retain his life" [Numbers 21.8b]. Everyone who was destined for death had a last chance at salvation. The death penalty will not be applied if an Israelite tries to muster all of his strength to "watch the burning serpent placed on a pole." The means that God uses to recover the life of the Israelites is the image of a serpent as if to announce that there is another life after death. It is already the first steps towards the doctrine of the resurrection.

The serpent is used by Gd to enable his people to find appeasement, a complete return to physical and moral health. therefore, the serpent is associated with salvation, healing and protection.

Yeshuah during his life on earth made a startling statement when he compared his hanging on the infamous wood of Calvary to the burning serpent raised by Moses in the wilderness. He declares that whoever accepts to carry his cross also has eternal life according to John 3: 14-15.

In the Book of Exodus, faced with Pharaoh's reluctance to let the Hebrews go, God commands Moses to throw down his staff to assert his power. The staff turns into a snake that has eaten all the snakes of Pharaoh's wizards.

In Genesis 49:17, Gd continues to use the figure of the serpent as a symbol of judgment that the tribe of Dan will exercise over unbelievers.

The Qoheleth Team of Women , Leve fanm yo, wonder why

do most people associate the serpent in Genesis with Satan? If the serpent is identified with the devil, why is there such familiarity between him and the God of the Bible? From what we have just seen, the "devil is not identified as the serpent, or as having possessed the serpent" in the Torah. It is "an animal associated with the supernatural".

Shalom and Shalom!

Sieur Onel Ecclesiaste

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