From Antiquity to the present day…..the elevation of women

The team of Qoheleth des Femmes, Leve Fanm Yo, greets you in the name IHVH-Adonaï Elohîms and takes the opportunity to present you a new subject which is entitled:

"From antiquity to the present day, the events of history have further enabled the elevation of women".

From Genesis we note that the dialogue between the two protagonists Serpent and Eve allowed the human couple to leave the enclosure of the Garden of Eden to begin the story of generations, of begettings [Genesis 5]. After having munched and eaten with appetite the forbidden fruit, the woman is raised to the highest dignity. She is the Mother of all living [Genesis 3.20]. Finally, IHVH-Adonai Elohîms will entrust to the woman the serious mission of putting the old serpent out of the state of harm both by thought and by action according to Genesis 3.15.

In the Old Covenant, when IHVH-Adonai Elohîms has a horror of what men do with mercy, He creates means for the quiet and discreet woman to mobilize to defend the values ​​of freedom, even ethics.

This is the case of the prophetess and judge Deborah and in a particular way of Yael, a brave woman who stunned General Sisera by chopping off his head [Judges 4].

This is the case of Judith who annihilated the works of the powerful Assyrian idolatrous general Holofernes in the city of Judah by striking him as well.

Women have taken precedence over men when the weight of patriarchy no longer weighs on them. Thus, in times of war, they had power and influence by becoming heads of families and businesses since their husbands would fight in the Roman legions, in the French or German infantry or in the American army. They thus facilitated the entry of Christianity into the Roman world, into the world of the upper middle class of certain countries by acting as priests and pastors. It was during these different periods that they organized and founded societies which met the needs of the most disadvantaged.

When the soldiers or husbands returned, some did not compete with their wives. On the contrary, they congratulate them and keep them in office. For others, they have difficulty embracing the loving righteousness of God which did not exclude women from men's lives.

This inclusive vision of IHVH-Adonai Elohim was taken to heart in all its magnitude by Paul when he said in Galatians 3: 26-29:

"you are all sons of Elohîms by adherence to Messiah Yeshua. There is no longer either Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female; for you are all one in Messiah Yeshua 'and you are all of the seed of Abraham, heirs, according to the promise "

The team of Qoheleth des Femmes, Leve Fanm Yo, did not hesitate to share with you this secret: it is women who will bring about the Kingdom of God on earth. She urges misogynist leaders to conform to the inclusive vision of the house of Elohims in Genesis 1-2 and that of Messiah Ieshua [Luke 8: 1-3; Acts of the apostles 1: 13-14], to recognize, according to the other, that "sexism and the overbordination of one person by another are evils that make us sick, men and women suffer from it".

Good luck! Shalom and Shalom!

Suzie Onel Ecclesiaste

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