From disorder and desolation, the will to build

The Qoheleth Team of Women , Leve Fanm Yo greet you in the name of Yeshuah and take this opportunity to introduce you to a new topic which is titled:

“From disorder and desolation, the will to build”.

From the very beginning of Genesis, the Bible reveals to us the state of "the earth [erets] before the creation of light in Genesis 1: 3".

"The earth [erets] was hustle and bustle" (Genesis 1.2a)

According to the Lausanne Bible - 1872, Genesis 1.2a: “And the earth was desolate and deserted” echoing Genesis 2.5 as “an uninhabited place, desert, devoid of greenery”. The prophet Isaiah will use this expression in Isaiah 34.11c "He spreads over her the plumb line of hustle and bustle, the stones of hustle and bustle" which reminds us of the aspect of desolation or primitive emptiness of the Earth. In the Hasidic stories “disorder and desolation are intimately integrated into the creative movement”. From this formless and disorderly earth [erets] Gd will find pleasure and the will to create. Because "Erets" comes from the same root as "ratson" which means good will, favor, acceptance, will.

And ratson itself takes its origin from the verb "ratsah" which means: to be satisfied, to be happy, to accept favorably.

"satisfied with the favors (ratson), and filled with the blessings of Yahweh", according to Deuteronomy 33.23; "

"He fulfills the desires or wishes [ratson] of his devotees", according to Psalm 145.19

"for for a long time God has taken pleasure [ratsah] in what you do", according to Ecclesiastes 9.7

Gd did everything out of love. He takes pleasure [ratsah] in what he builds day after day: it's perfect!


Because He wants to bequeath us a land where we will be in spiritual union with Him.

Just as he has mansions in the spirit world, he wants to have a house in the material world where he can manifest his Shekinah.

The Qoheleth Team of Women , Leve fanm Yo team invites you to transform lawless areas into legal places, into inhabited places, endowed with gardens and refreshing springs. Finally, the Qoheleth des Femmes team, Leve fanm Yo invites you to meditate on the quote from Abbé Pierre in The smile of an angel:

"Faith is building with what is there, in order to reach what is elsewhere."

Shalom and Shalom!

S. Onel Ecclesiaste.

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