Haiti at the time of major meetings!

The Qoheleth team of Women, Leve fanm yo greet you in the name of Yeshuah and take this opportunity to present a new topic titled: "Haiti at the time of major meetings"! For a decade, we have observed that prophets, prophetesses, apostles of various religious sensibilities, mystics, syncretists converge their gazes on Haiti. They declare that Haiti will be ruled by God even under the cover of a real woman. The Qoheleth team of Women, Leve fanm yo, has no comment on this. If it is God's will, the wish will be granted. In the case of Haiti, do we need an Ezra and Nehemi from the diaspora or an Alexandra Salomé from the national? Going through the book of Ezra from chapter 1 to chapter 10, we discover an extraordinary program to build the country comparable to the primordial world of Genesis 1. Here are the key points of this vast program: a) .- Return of the diaspora on the national political scene. b) .- Two laws were used, the law of the Persians [law of the occupiers] and the law of the Israelites (Torah). c) .- Handing over of gold reserves to nationals. d) .- The cultural / religious heritage is returned to the nationals. e), - The most fortunate in the diaspora help the most vulnerable who wish to leave. f) .- The great powers participate materially and financially in the construction of the country. g) .- Census of all members of the diaspora who undertake the trip. h) .- enumeration of the local population. i) .- The celebration of national holidays. j) .- The reconstruction of high historical places (Temple). k) .- The lowering of the civil or religious majority because there are few men who are interested in it. l) .- Social, economic, political reforms. m) .- social contract between the king and the people. The disadvantages of Ezra's program. a) .- People in the diaspora rely on their studies abroad and refuse internal collaborations for fear of corruption and compromise. Yet they gladly accept aid with limited royalties from those who deported the Hebrew elite. b) .- The inhabitants consider the people of the diaspora as their adversaries. c) .- Discouragement of the local population and attempt to prevent construction without their financial and other support. d) .- Expulsion, uprooting, exile, banishment, excommunication. e) .- The dismissal without recourse of women and children who do not have Israelite nationality.

Queen Salomé Alexandra. During the so-called intertestamentary period, around 100 BC. J.C. we had Queen Salomé Alexandra who “was venerated as few chiefs were before and after her in all Jewish history. Jerusalem once again became the great spiritual center it had been in the past. _ Justice reigned unquestionably in accordance with the human laws of the Torah. _ Removal of unscrupulous magistrates; _ Carefully check the accuracy of testimonials; _ subject suspects to full questioning and investigation; _ Scrupulous respect for the Constitution and the laws of Israel. (Haiti) _ Good governance; _ Repair the breaches made in the Constitution of the people of Israel by previous governments; _ Restoration of the system of the separation of powers: royalty, priesthood, prophecy. _ In the midst of a whole series of conflicting dynasties, it has ensured real peace; Under her reign she puts forward the gift of oneself, everything that goes in the direction of the development of the other, of her neighbor, of her fellow citizens. It manifests the will to make others grow, to make them grow with dignity and respect. Of these two proposals, Esdras and Alexandra Salome, which do you choose for the development of your country Haiti? The Qoheleth team of Women, Leve fanm Yo. Onel Ecclesiaste

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