In the beginning, psychological and therapeutic support.

The Team Qoheleth des Femmes [ Women], Leve Fanm Yo greet you in the name of Yeshuah and take the opportunity to introduce a new topic entitled:

At the beginning, psychological and therapeutic support. Our base text is Genese 2.18: "IHVH-Adonai Elohîms said: 'It is not good for the glébeux to be alone! I will help him against him. ". " God, after creating humans, he does not leave them alone. This is how he manages to identify that the glebeux presents emotional circatrices which deserve support. To allow a real follow-up of the victim, he invented a scenario in order to bring the glebeux to become aware of his situation, to collaborate in the search for the appropriate solution. Gd will use fairly classic and concrete images and models according to Genesis 2. 19b-20 in order to advance glebeux who stick to a depressive situation. 19b "Gd calls all the animals to the glebose to see what it calls out to them. Whatever the glebose cries out to a living being is its name. 20 The glebe calls names to every beast, to every bird of the sky, to every beast of the field. But in the old days, he hadn't found help against him. " Thus the glebeux who has never spoken will come out of his silence by shouting names to living beings. But, in the line of mammals, he had found no help against him. "He realized that there is no affinity relationship between him and the beasts. He would like to have one. to be with whom he can have a relation of convenience, conformity or resemblance. Thus the glebeux rejects all difference, all deviation, all discordance. He would like a bone of his bones, a flesh of his flesh that is first hand, of the same original source as him. Both can, to use Saint Exupéry's expression, "look in the same direction". God has won the bet by carrying the human to free himself from an enormous weight. God will divide it into two parts, into two sides being part of a whole like the two sides of the temple to allow the new being built to be both woman and bride. "IHVH-Adonai Elohîms built the rib [the side], which he had taken from the glebous, as a woman." The glébeux is seized with a strong admiration mixed with surprise cried out in an audible voice for the first time in his life: "This time this is the one made of the same bones and the same flesh as me." We will call her woman because she was taken from the man. " Yes Adam who is in danger of death risked everything to have his life, according to Genesis 2.21. So, by "incredible daring," by incredible hope, Adam has a well-built wife who will help him in difficult times as God did for us. This woman makes Adam a real husband, a real husband who will have to play his effective role in Genesis 5. God, not being able to constantly occupy the human being all the time, put the woman at his side to help him, to help him as a therapeutic accompanist. Man and woman have the right to enjoy mutual joy as a good remedy for despair. And whenever there is this mutual understanding, it benefits the couple who will always remain young despite the trials of life, the seasons of life. Shalom and Shalom! S. Onel Ecclesiaste

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