In the beginning, the breeding.

The Team Qoheleth des Femmes [ Women], Leve Fanm Yo greets you in the name of Yeshuah and takes the opportunity to introduce a new topic entitled:

In the beginning, the breeding.

Our reference verse is Genesis 1.26:

Elohîms said: "We will make Adâm the Glebous in our replica, according to our likeness. They will subjugate [rule, rule] the fish of the sea, the fowl of the skies, the beast, all the earth, every reptile that crawls on the earth. "

This verse situates man in agriculture, in the peasantry, in the production of dairy products, of oviparous products. From the start, Gd entrusted man with a mission of great risk and patience. It is about raising, feeding and domesticating animals, most of which have a wild instinct, and by being around them, man can go from life to death. We think of the lion, the tiger, the hyena, the leopard, the boa, etc ...

Already we notice that to dominate the animal is not easy thing since its senses are more developed than the man. He has a visual field that goes beyond us, He has an extraordinary sense of the perception of sounds. he can hear a noise as far away as possible.

But Gd grants us an extraordinary gift which is the gift of knowledge and intelligence whereby anything is possible for a man who wants to use it wisely.

This is where our superiority over the animal comes from, and this is where we have to prove that we are the strongest, that we are the head of the flock as the Psalter David was able to prove in Psalm 23. .

The breeder who wants to succeed in the process of domination or subjugation must be a wise man. he must listen to the animals, he must first learn from them. He should be seen as a benefactor and not as an aggressor.

The Team Qoheleth des Femmes [ Women], Leve fanm Yo, noted that God does not give man [male or female] to dominate his neighbor but to subdue viviparous animals, oviparous animals with patience and gentleness so that an animal of his condition is the reflection of his master.

There is no merit in dominating one's own.

Shalom and Shalom!

S. Onel Ecclesiaste

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