In the beginning, the convertibility…..

The team Qoheleth des Femmes[women], Leve Fanm Yo, greet you in the name of Yeshuah and take this opportunity to introduce a new topic titled:

"In the beginning, the convertibility of lawless areas into beneficial places for living beings".

In a situation of generalized disorder, God intervened to create other things; he believes that everything is liable to change, everything can become something else if the will is there. The chemist's formula "nothing is lost or won" has its place. The first thing he did, he brought a ray of light into the mist.

Thanks to the dedication of the Ruah [the spirit of Elohims], who pierced the opacity of the icy waters, the days and nights were born according to Genesis 1.5,8,13,19,23,31.

The water of death turns into fresh water and salt water that abounds in living species [Genesis 1.20]. This same water exists in three states:

(a) "liquid, it is attracted downwards in the form of rain",

(b) "solid, it is immobile in the form of ice",

c) "gaseous, in the form of gas, it is attracted upwards under the effect of solar heat".

After a work of separating the waters, the waters above, the waters below, the waters between the waters, the earth, our common matrix was born. This land which was barren like a barren woman will produce greenery, grass bearing seed, fruit trees bearing fruit after their kind. The earth "produces living animals after their kind, cattle, reptiles, and land animals after their kind."

The moon, for the government of the night, and the stars serve as signs for appointments, days and years. [Genesis 1.14]

The sun, for the government of the day, brings essential benefits to the proper functioning of the human organism and all other living beings.

The team Qoheleth des Femmes[women], Leve Fanm Yo therefore notes that there was no service in lawless areas after the creation of the heavens and the earth according to Genesis 1.1. Finally, Gd will decide to meet the various challenges that will be presented to him by establishing services for the well-being of man. Where there was darkness, he brought light. Where there was non-potable water, he puts potable water in it. Where there was famine, Gd brought food. Where total passivity reigned, Gd introduced leisure. Where there was drought, Gd brought in sustainable development. Here then is the divine example that we must follow by "a sense of duty and by aspiration to good" so that there is peace in the Alma Mater, motherland.

Shalom and Shalom!

The team Qoheleth des Femmes[women], Leve Fanm Yo, invites you to share these thoughts with your acquaintances via the website. Invite them to go directly to

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