In the beginning, the destruction of lawless areas

The team of qoheleth des femmes, Leve Fanm Yo greet you in the name of Yeshuah and take this opportunity to introduce a new topic titled:

"In the beginning the destruction of lawless areas"

We note that the state of the earth before a light crossed it was tohu-wa-bohu. The earth looks like a compacted body of water like an iceberg where all sides are hidden, according to verse 2.

In addition, water is the backdrop for the creation story in Genesis 1. It is found there 11 times associated with the sea for 4 times.

IHVH-Adonaï Elohims will destroy this chaotic world where everything merges, mingles like the future babel, even the babylon to build organized worlds. This zone of anarchy, desolation, disorder, confusion or destruction which echoes Isaiah 34.11b [Chouraqui version] will be considered after its setting in order as the abode of humans according to Genesis 2.5 and Psalm 115.6b.

IHVH-Adonai Elohims eradicated the evil from creation but which can return at any time if humans do not practice love, kindness, goodness, beauty, mercy.

Thus, IHVH-Adonai Elohims advises us to choose the good among the two alternatives which are day after day at our doors [Genesis 4, 6-7; Deuteronomy 30.15-16]

He, IHVH-Adonai Elohims, appreciated day after day, at the end of the day, his production [Genesis 1.4,10,12,18,21,25] which he considers satisfactory to meet the needs of our ecosystem.

IHVH-Adonai Elohims sees that all the conditions are required so that human beings and living beings in general can live in a very good environment [Genesis 1.31].

The team of qoheleth des femmes, Leve Fanm Yo, thinks that IHVH-Adonai Elohims has left us with an intense good that we have to manage matricially, like a mother taking care of her child. He left us a fine example to avoid evil. It is only by always choosing between good and very good, and not between evil and good, that one could avoid the risk of falling lower than the animal.

IHVH-Adonai Elohims left us a beautiful example which can help us "to overcome difficulties by sense of duty and by aspiration to good". Our act will be judged good whenever "it concerns others, the human community and God, and which is likely to call for divine mercy on man"

Shalom and Shalom!

The team of qoheleth des femmes, Leve Fanm Yo, invites you to share these thoughts with your acquaintances via the website. Invite them to go directly to

Suzie Onel Ecclesiaste

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