In the beginning, the nourishing mother.

In the beginning, the nourishing mother .

The team Qoheleth des Femmes[women], Leve Fanm Yo greets you and takes the opportunity to address the issue of the rapid ripening of

herbs, fruit trees according to the book of Genesis 1.11-12 to lead to the feminine being that is the foster mother.

"Elohîms said:" The earth shall be sod with grass, grass sowing seed, fruit tree bearing fruit for its kind,

whose seed is in him on the earth. "And it is so.

"The earth brings out the turf, grass sowing seed, for its kind and tree bearing fruit, whose seed is in it, for its kind. Elohîms sees: "That is good!"

We are therefore facing a generous earth which gives birth to the plant world but also to the animal world which will quickly provide us with milk, honey and all their derivatives to feed the humanity that IHVH-Adonai Elohîms wants to create.

The earth therefore resembles a "feminine and maternal being" who nourishes us with its sap and all that comes out of its womb.

The prophet Ezekiel compares it to a gazelle:

"On that day I lifted my hand over them, to bring them out of the land of Misrai, to a land that I searched for them,

flowing with milk and honey, she, the gazelle of all lands ". [Ezechiel 20.6]

The gazelle is a mammal of the African continent with "slender hollow horns in the shape of a lyre, remarkable for the speed and the lightness of the race".

The Bible states, according to Proverbs 5:19; 2 Samuel 2.18; 1 Chronicles 12.8, that it is the symbolism of grace, of agility.

In the New Testament we meet a gazelle [a mother] named Tabitha or Dorcas who is also gracious, very light and very nimble in caring for her siblings.

The earth was initially nimble enough, light enough to give man the gift he needed for his bodily and physical care. The earth is therefore the nourishing mother who offers us milk, honey and all kinds of fruit trees and the like.

In Galatians 4:26 Paul states that he is familiar with Psalm 87 and Zephaniah 3:14, crying out that the land of Jerusalem / Zion is our mother.

All humans are born of Zion and we are all brothers and sisters of Zion. No matter where we are, here elsewhere and now, know that we enjoy all civil, political and economic rights as a human person because we come from the same earthly strain that is our foster mother.

The team Qoheleth des Femmes[women], Leve Fanm Yo urges you not to abuse our mother by drying her out of everything that makes her vital. Let us love her as a living goddess so that she will continue to take care of humanity from generation to generation. it is the debt that we, who are part of this generation, owe thousands of millions of generations.

Once again it is not good that the generation is alone!

Shalom and Shalom!

The team Qoheleth des Femmes[women], Leve Fanm Yo, invites you to share these thoughts with your acquaintances via the website. Invite them to go directly to

Suzie Onel Ecclesiastes

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