In the beginning, the penetrating intelligence.

Today dear friends of Qoheleth des Femmes [Women], Leve fanm yo, we greet you in the name IHVH-Adonai Elohîms and take this opportunity to present to you a new subject whose title is:

"In the beginning, the woman was gifted with a penetrating intelligence".

From Genesis 1.2 onwards, the insight of the Ruah is very consistent. The Ruah demonstrates an extraordinary ability to see things, deciding and acting with as much promptness as depth.

The Ruah of Elohims hovered over the faces of the waters for the light to appear. Then the process of setting in motion the creation of the worlds will be successful.

The other character in the Torah who does not accept blindness, blindness, even illiteracy, is Adam's wife. She testifies to an extraordinary clairvoyance. She knows how to observe, look attentively at the plant and animal species that surround her. She therefore decides to dialogue with these species to get closer to scientific truth.

She thus becomes the woman who possesses knowledge by contemplating the divine orderings with a certain anxiety mixed with fear, for all her senses have participated in this enterprise crowned with results according to Genesis 3.

The woman is the first figure of the Torah who believes in the future. She does not let herself perish for lack of knowledge. She decides to know all the knowledge provided by Gd in Genesis 2.17 “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Again, according to Genesis 2.16: “From every tree in the garden you shall eat, and you shall eat”. .

She at least understands that by tasting the whole tree, according to Genesis 3.6, it helps humans to be insightful, intelligent, to be successful in whatever they undertake, as Gd promised to the successor of Moses [ Joshua 1.7-8]: "so that you may be insightful wherever you go". "Yes, then you will triumph on your way, then you will be insightful."

The Qoheleth Team of Women, Leve Fanm Yo , noted that the woman believes in the Torah and wants to keep it in its entirety.

“fructify, multiply, fill the earth, conquer it.

Subject the fish of the sea, the fowl of the skies,

everything alive that crawls on the earth. "

The woman is the one who truly believes in the conquest, in the social and economic production and in the management of nature.

Long live the woman, the initiator of science and technology after the heavenly family. So every woman is endowed with a penetrating intelligence.

Shalom and Shalom!

S. Onel Ecclesiaste

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