In the beginning, the speaking of the other

The team of Qoheleth des Femmes [Women] , Leve Fanm Yo greet you in the name of Yeshuah and take this opportunity to introduce a new topic titled:

In the beginning, there is room for the word of the other.

Gd in Genesis 1 made the waters recede and set them in specific spaces to cede land to humans echoing Genesis 2.5:

"And no plant of the field was yet in the earth, and no herb of the field had yet sprung up: for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground;".

So we have already demonstrated this in a topic titled “In the Beginning, Acting” Gd spoke ten royal words during the six days of creation. Arrived at the seventh day Gd does not speak, he is silent to allow humans to do while also speaking words.

Gd always takes the initiative. He blesses humans: "May the peace of God, which surpasses all you can now understand, keep your heart and mind in Yeshuah in the Ruah"

Then he verbally recommends them to produce fruits of all kinds and to master marine animals [origin of submarine flights], land [origin of transport by land] and air [origin of air flights] according to Genesis 1.29

Finally, he gives them a word that awakens their feelings, which expresses a strong relationship. This word establishes the union of man with trees, the fruits of trees and herbs in general. It is from there that he will derive this gift which he needs both for himself and for the animals. Therefore, Gd encourages man to preserve the natural resources made available to him by not putting his hand on them but seeing them as a gift to be shared equitably among billions of generations.

Despite all these long divine therapies made of gestures and examples, it seems that man is showing great shyness. Gd the psychologist-therapist par excellence seeks by all means that the human species speaks by shouting the names of the animals and by addressing to Gd a word which magnifies him for his total success:

"And the man said: This, for once, is a member taken from my limbs and a flesh from my flesh; this shall be called Ishsha, because it was taken from Ish."

By this address, Adam became master of his word. It is his first word which passes through the Torah. However, the real conversation recorded in the Torah is that of Adam's intellectual wife [Eve] with the serpent, the created animal living in the Garden of Eden.

The team of Qoheleth des Femmes [Women], Leve Fanm Yo invites you to follow Gd on all occasions. Gd is the one who communicates with us by word and by example. Gd reveals to us the importance of verbal communication in the evolution of human maturity. This allows tolerance and the establishment of a sympathetic union between humans.

Shalom and Shalom!

S. Onel Ecclesiaste

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