In the beginning was judgment

The Qoheleth Team of Women, Leve Fanm Yo greets you and brings you a new topic which is titled:

"In the beginning was judgment."

In Genesis 1, seven times God will judge his work as good, beautiful, good according to verses 4, 10,12, 18,21, 25 and 31. After the creation of animals and humans the joy of Gd is intense, immense, because everything marks the imprint of his love. In order to offer the best to humans as we already saw in Genesis 2.5b, Gd rested so that humans could judge the merit of his works, according to Genesis 2.3.

He gives humans the opportunity to contemplate his glory by observing nature. Humans are not indifferent to the work of God. They marvel while singing Psalm 19: "the heavens declare the glory of the Lord .......". Thus they concluded that Gd's actions are not appealable because his works do not harm plants, animals and humans, even the cosmos. Everything is fair, well, beautiful, good, imbued with divine mercy.

As Gd judges his day-to-day work, he also invites us to judge the outcome of our actions. And Pascal invites us to "play God by judging: that is good or bad." And Joseph Joubert in his collections of thoughts advises us to “judge according to the judgment of heaven and not according to the judgment of men. God is the only mirror in which we can know ourselves; in all the others we only see each other "

Later we will find that humans, i.e. high priests, priests, Levites, scribes, will judge the acts of Christ's ministry by condemning both the person and his acts on the basis of the merit and demerit.

Hanging on the cross Yeshuah will not espouse their hatred, he manifests his mercy, his love for them: "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."

So Gd readily accepts being judged. By analogy, we give him the right to judge us. God will judge us according to the merit of our works.

Here is the testimony of the prophet Ezekiel pointing to the inhabitants of Jerusalem in Ezekiel 16:

48I'm alive! says the Lord GOD; Sodom your sister, and her daughters have not done what you and your daughters have done. 49This is the crime of Sodom, your sister. She was proud, she lived in abundance and in carefree security, she and her daughters, and she did not support the hand of the poor and the needy. 50They are haughty, and they have done abominations before me. I made them disappear when I seen it.

The Qoheleth Team of Women, Leve Fanm Yo invites you to meditate on the Word of the end of the book of Qoheleth or Ecclesiastes 12:

13Let's listen to the end of the speech: Fear God and keep his commandments. This is what every man should do. 14For God will bring every work into judgment, concerning all that is hidden, whether good or evil.

Shalom and Shalom!

S. Onel Ecclesiaste

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