Life is untouchable

The Qoheleth Team of Women, Leve Fanm Yo greet you in the name of Yeshuah and take this opportunity to introduce you to a new topic which is titled:

"In the beginning, life is untouchable"

Genesis 3.22a: "The Lord God said, Behold, man is become like one of us, for the knowledge of good and evil" ..

Here humans are like the Elohim. They have mastered all the knowledge. They have an extended intelligence, even a series of techniques. But Gd will always impose a limit on them which is respect for life. The duty of every man is to save life in all cases. Yesuah declares that it is imperative to save life on the Sabbath day. So he gives a restriction to human beings in verse 22b after their eyes are opened, are opened:

"Let us prevent him now from reaching out his hand, from taking of the tree of life,"

Life for Gd is sacrosanct. it is "the principle which is the most important, which counts the most". No one should break this principle.

So we violate this order when we decide to end the life of an unwanted embryo, fetus or child. We touch the tree of life when we decide to eliminate the vulnerable, the disabled, the elderly who are no longer useful. We put our hand on the tree of life as we change what God originally created. We put our hand in the serpent's hand "as a sign of agreement, of friendship" when we do not respect the ten words of creation echoing the ten royal words of Exodus 20.

The Qoheleth Team of Women, Leve Fanm Yo urges you to love life, respect it, protect it at all times if you want to see peace on earth.

Shalom and shalom!

S. Onel Ecclesiastes

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