Rahab, her importance in Jesus genealogy

The qoheleth team of women, Leve Fanm Yo greet you in the Name of Yeshua'h and continue to deepen the importance of women in the genealogy of the Son of Man. The qoheleth team of women, Leve Fanm Yo affirms that the story of Matthew 1 is a subversive text of the patriarchal power and the Levitical priestly regime, and highlights the difference between the God that Jesus Christ comes to reveal in relation to the powers patriarchal considered obsolete, unacceptable.

Today we are discussing the second female character by the name of Rahab.

The story of Rahab is inserted in Joshua 2 and 6: 17-25. In the New Testament the apostles Paul and James offer it to us as an example of faith (Heb 11:31) and as an example of virtue and holiness (Jc2.25)

The patriarchal world tends to see all women who take charge of their destiny like prostitutes. Why have we taken their point of view with a grain of salt. Historian Josephus Flavius ​​described Rahab as a person who ran an inn, a guesthouse. All her family, her father, her mother, her brothers lived with her.

Raab, the prophetic innkeeper according to Joshua 2.8-14, broke the law of his land by lying to the king's officers, the representatives of the patriarchal system, to save the lives of the explorers at the expense of his own. What makes her the savior of the people of Israel like Miriam, the savior of the savior (Moses) of his people.

The name Rahab means in Arameen "the open or enlarged god". This implies that Rahab is the woman who has the key to Canaan, the kingdom in her hands. It symbolizes the door of the Kingdom in a way

universal. She facilitates the entry of the Israelites as well as herself and her non-Israelite family, representative of the nations, into the kingdom.

Rahab was for the explorers "a model of hospitality, mercy, faith, patience and repentance in his interaction with them".

If his name appears in the genealogy of Jesus, it is to tell us that the kingdom that God is going to establish is a kingdom of the tribe of mercy, of welcome, of empathy, of non-discrimination.

Deuteronomists forbid marriage between a Jew and a Canaanite. However, according to Midrashic tradition, Rahab is said to be Salmon's wife. She begot Boaz, so she is the origin of the line of King David, from which Yeshua'h, the Messiah, descends. And several prophets and prophetesses, like Jeremiah, Houlda were of his line.

In conclusion, the qoheleth team of women, Leve Fanm Yo

peremptorily declares that by the faith of Rahab the nations are attached to the chosen people. It is the example of the opening of salvation to the people of Israel and to the pagan people. The woman, in the new covenant, symbolizes "the door to the Kingdom of Heaven".

Shalom and Shalom 2022

Sieur Onel Ecclesiaste

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