The contribution of nativity to mankind.

The Qoheleth Team of Women, leve fanm yo, warmly welcomes you on the occasion of the end of year celebrations, time of the celebration of the Nativity and the change of year. That you spend this weekend in joy and in the greatest pleasure with your family?

The Qoheleth Team of Women, leve fanm yo, also takes this opportunity to recall that this period corresponds, according to the Esaie couple, to the birth of a child named Emmanuel, God with us [Isaiah 9.6]. This is what specialists call the incarnation of God, the God who gives himself in his son Jesus Christ through a modest woman named Mary. So we have a God who makes Himself vulnerable; it needs the support of humans for its survival. He left his heaven of glory to come to be embodied in the sacrosanct matrix of Mary. He will live human life in all conditions of vulnerability. He was first born in a manger, in a manger, in a place that contains food for cattle, domestic animals. There was no room in the hospices to accommodate the couple Joseph / Marie. He was born in a place where no one wanted to be born. We are already witnessing a reversal of values ​​as the virgin expressed it in her song of war against patriarchal domination and the demands of the priesthood [Luke 1.46ff and Leviticus11].

By his incarnation, God abolishes the distance between man and himself. God becomes man. he becomes a being of flesh and blood to dwell with us. God comes to unite with humanity by becoming true man and we are united with divinity. God comes down from his throne to join humanity in order to elevate us to the Kingdom. From the incarnation, the nativity, God brings us back to the beginning, to the origin of creation. Man is made in the likeness and image of God, humans are equal to each other without distinction of origin, sex, place of birth and others. God works with the human being to put him back in his true place, in his right place. Man and woman rediscover their authentic identity in Christ. Both are called elohim, son of God, co-creators according to Psalms 82.6 and John 10.34.

Would we agree to walk this path which is the glory of God, that is to say to give weight to peace on earth where everyone can live democratically in dignity, with respect for one another?

The Qoheleth Team of Women, Leve Fanm Yo invites you to silence your hatchet this Christmas time so that God can manifest in a gentle and light wind. It is in silence, not in agitations and invectives, that God comes to address a word of hope to all humans forming a community. It is also in silence that God asks us to bring together all low-income people, people with reduced mobility, peasants, the voiceless for an astonishing and peaceful contemplation without refusing each other's gifts as contribution to the development of a community. The Qoheleth Team of Women , Leve Fanm Yo wishes you a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of hope.

Onel Ecclesiaste

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